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Blogging aboard My Boat in Cape May - The Simple Halloween

Blogging Aboard My Boat in Cape May NJ

Blogging aboard My Boat in Cape May - The Simple Halloween

What ever happened to the simple Halloween Holidays of our early childhood? Halloween is a special time for children and adults to use their imagination and play. As Kids, every year we would look forward to using our imagination and dress up as our favorite hero, princess, or monster and pretend for the day.

Halloween Trick or Treat 

In today's world we visit "Pop Up" Halloween Mega stores set up in unoccupied retail properties, selling the latest super hero costume, or we purchase our costume on line. It seems we've take the imagination out of "Simple" Halloween.

I have fond memories of riding the tailgate of my fathers station wagon in our neighborhood, trick or treating with my brothers as we stop from door to door under the watch of our parents to collect our Halloween bounty. Our costumes were hand made by our mom, who would visit the fabric store to purchase a pattern, and put together a hand sewn costume as we scavenged the house for our accessories.

Old Fashioned Halloween Costumes

The best part of Halloween was returning home and pouring out the bounty on the bedroom floor as we separated the pennies from the candy corn, and the apples from the chocolate bars. In those days your always had a favorite neighbor that gave away full size Hershey bars. After an evening of trick or treating we would stay up late, tell ghosts stories and entertain ourselves with flashlights and images of spooks bouncing off the ceiling wall as we lay in bed.

 So this Halloween enjoy the simple things in life, take a walk in the fall evening and feel the brisk air of October in Cape May and imagine yourself as a child, trick or treating in your own neighborhood.

Simple Halloween Costume
If you are looking for Halloween Events in Cape May, please click here. You can also download a Cape May Halloween Events brochure here.

Halloween Happenings in Victorian Cape May

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