Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wildwood Crest Cape May Hurricane Sandy Destruction

Cape May and Wildwood Hurricane Sandy Destruction - Images Part One - Cape May

The Mayor of Cape May, N.J. says it appears they dodged a bullet, with minor flooding and sand filled streets.  "We were within about three hours of getting a direct hit," said Cape May Mayor Ed Mahaney, Jr.
It was the closest Cape May has come to a direct storm hit in 50 years.

I decided to take a first hand look at the areas yesterday we took a ride in Cape May and recorded a short video on the Beach Ave clean up area. Overall Cape May has come back strong and it appears that we did receive minimal damage. On the Wildwood Crest site I did observe severe Marina dock damage and also noted that Harbor View Marina suffered three boat sinking's and Schooner Yacht Marina in Wildwood had minor damage.

Take a look at some first views of the Cape May and Wildwood Crest areas from Halloween Day.

Cape May Merchants Taking down Plywood,

Driving down Beach Ave
Cape May Hurricane Sandy Clean Up 

Most of the Sand in Cape May has been removed from Beach Ave 

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