Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cape May and Wildwood Hurricane Sandy Destruction - Images Part Two Wildwood Crest

Cape May and Wildwood Hurricane Sandy Destruction - Images Part Two Wildwood Crest

The Mayor of Cape May, N.J. says it appears they dodged a bullet, with minor flooding and sand filled streets.  "We were within about three hours of getting a direct hit," said Cape May Mayor Ed Mahaney, Jr.
It was the closest Cape May has come to a direct storm hit in 50 years.

I decided to take a first hand look at the areas yesterday we took a ride in Cape May and recorded a short video on the Beach Ave clean up area. Overall Cape May has come back strong and it appears that we did receive minimal damage. On the Wildwood Crest site I did observe severe Marina dock damage and also noted that Harbor View Marina suffered three boat sinking's and Schooner Yacht Marina in Wildwood had minor damage and was cleaned up.

Take a look at some first views of the Cape May and Wildwood Crest areas from Halloween Day.

Our first visit to Schooner Yacht Marina in Wildood, lots of debris in the water, but overall they  received minimual damage to boats and did a great job using social media to notify all of the boaters.

Piling came loose and floating in the Water from Hurricane Sandy in Wildwood

Our Friens Boat Sure Lure all Good No Damage

Lots of debris on the docks, two or three finger piers from other ares came loose during the storm.

More Debris collected on the dock, this is being cleaned up now

Loose floating Dock in Wildwood From Hurricane Sandy

Damage to the Eisenglass, did not stand up well to the 70 mph winds from Hurricane Sandy

Unfortunaly this boat received extensive damage from a piling

This boat did not sink but did receive extensive damage, the marine acted fast and got the boat on land.

Docks piled up like tooth picks in Wildwood Crest across from Sunset Lake

More Debris in Wildwood Crest Across from Sunset Lake

Extensive Damage to Greater Wildwood Yacht Club

We we very sad to see this in Wildwood Crest, as the result of Hurricane Sandy

Docks floated to the front Walk Ways in Wildwood

Harbor View Cape May , Boat sunk between the pilings from the aftermath of Hurrucane Sandy

This gap show a space where the dock came loose from the pressure of the storm in Harbor View Marina

Another sunken boat in Harbor View Cape May

Sunken Boat in Harbor View Marina Cape May Still attached to the  collasped Pier from  Hurricane Sandy in Cape May

You can see the dock lines still attached to this boat along with the collasped pier in Harbor View Cape May .

Tow Boat US Cape May with a diver in the water , recovering sunken boat in Harbo View Marina  Cape May.

Cape May Marina suffered minumial damage from the storm during Hurricane Sandy.

Boats at float in Cape May Marina with no damage in this well protected Marina.

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  1. I so glad Cape May was able to get through in one peice more or less. I have many good memories of this place.

    1. Yes Cape May is in good shape and they are starting to get ready for the upcoming holiday season, thank you for the support and kind words.

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