Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blogging from My Boat in Cape May - Another Summer Ends in Cape May

Another Summer has come to an end in Cape May. This week end celebrates the official change over to the fall season. As we clean up our homes, and boats and put away our summer toys as we anticipate the upcoming holiday season and the end of our year. It's tough to make the adjustment from living in your favorite worn out flip flops, those baggy torn shorts or your favorite sundress to wearing shoes and discarding that comfortable t-shirt with a small rip in the collar, thats broken in just right. I personally don't throw away that t-shirt, I bring it home as a small well earned summer treasure from the boat to stack in my dresser draw and take it out during a cold winter night or reuse it for another summer year or vacation. There's something about putting away your slightly rusty beach chair with a hint of mildew smell which adds finality to the end of the summer. As the cycle of life continues, so does the cycle of summer at the Jersey Shore. You can feel fall in the cool air on the dock in the evening, you can start to see the birds preparing for migration. In the morning as you walk the slippery dew covered planks, you can hear the baitfish stir on the surface as the fall predators move into the bay and the water temperature cools. This summer in Cape May has been a good one, we rescued a puppy and she became our newest family member. We also said farewell to an older family member at the final twilight of his life. The cycle of life continues from old to new, as the cycle as season continues from summer to fall. So take your Cape May beach tags and put them away in draw as another well earned summer souvenir and go out and enjoy the start of the fall season in Cape May with your loved ones.

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