Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cape May Top 10 Reasons For Romance

Is Cape May a Romantic place to go  for Valentine's Day?

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day in Cape May we are listing the top ten reasons why we feel Cape May is one of the most romantic places to go away for Valentine’s Day Weekend. Come down to the Jersey Shore and enjoy a relaxing romantic getaway in Cape May NJ. Take a Romantic stroll in Cape May or enjoy a sensuous dinner for the Valentine Day weekend.

Cape May Top Reasons for a Romantic Get Away during Valentine's Day

  1. Cape May is an Historic Town featuring beautiful architecture, historic resort hotels and turn of the Century Bed and Breakfast Inns.
  2. Cape May is away from the cities of Philadelphia, NY and it places you in a slowed down mode for the winter season.
  3. Cape May is located at the Southernmost Tip of New Jersey, the trip itself by the Garden State Parkway to Exit 0, or via the Ferry or back roads of Southern Jersey all build up to anticipation of finally getting away to Cape May NJ
  4. Cape May provides the perfect settings for a calm and casual romantic walk, dinner or sleeping in a bed and breakfast with your paper delivered and fresh baked goods aloft from the kitchen below.
  5. Cape May offers a great place to hunt for a romantic momento
  6. Cape May offers a multitude of private wineries, all at your beckon call to enjoy with a partner and take a wine tasting flight while enjoy a lazy afternoon.
  7. Cape May offers a walking downtown outdoor shopping area in the Washington Street Mall, now including several gourmet shops including the Cape May Olive Company and the Cape May Peanut Butter Store. What better way to get your romantic weekend off to a good start than enjoying a sensual treat from these gourmet shops.
  8. Cape May offers some of the best Romantic Watering Holes at the Jersey shore including the Brown Room at Congress Hall, the newly re-done bar at the Mad Batter or sit a the Virginia Hotel and enjoy the upscale ambiance with your partner.
  9. Cape May offers the best Sunrises from the Beach,bundle up and walk the Beach Walk on Beach Ave across from the Cape May Convention center and enjoy the glistening sun in the clarity of the winter cool morning air.
  10. Cape May offers some of the Best UpScale restaurants for a couple seeking a quiet and romantic evening, try the Washington Inn, The Black Duck in West Cape May or the quiet and secluded Red General store in Cape May point for an unforgettable culinary experience.

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