Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall things to do in Cape May NJ

Sunset Dolphin Watch in Cape May During September

Searching for things to do in Cape May NJ this fall. Take a relaxing sunset cruise off shore and enjoy the brisk weather of September aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher. September offers the best time at the NJ Shore to experience a sunset fall cruise with your family. You can book on line and save up to 10% with Cape May at the links below. Bring a light jacked for the off-shore breeze, but also keep in mind that the Cape May Whale Watcher has a fully enclosed climate controlled cabin form maximum comfort during your trip.

Venue: Cape May Whale Watcher Excursion Events
The Best Time of the Day to Enjoy a Sunset Cruise in Cape May NJ
An early evening  Voyage Off Shore Aboard New Jersey’s largest and most comfortable Marine Mammal Boat, enjoy the Summer Cape May Sunset fading into the horiz

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