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Three Family Fun Things To Do in Cape May This September

Three Fun Things to Do in Cape May NJ This September

East Coast families are finding that there is a top vacation spot right in their own backyard. The United States government has recognized Cape May NJ  to be the nation's oldest seaside resort and many travel networks consider the New Jersey summer vacation spot  to be one of the top 10 beaches in our beautiful country.

Fun activities on both land and sea are in great abundance on the Cape May Island. Visitors interested in seeing the sights really enjoy whale and dolphin watching and can do so on guided tours.  There are great shops and restaurants, awesome golf courses, and wonderful beaches. The abundance of nature trails gives visitors a chance to discover indigenous plants and animals or just have a quiet stroll with a loved one. We can’t list how many fantastic things there are to do in Cape May in this article so…

Here are three really fun things to do while in Cape May NJ :

Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching Trips

Dolphin and Whale Watching in Cape May This September

Are you planning on doing some dolphin or whale watching in Cape May NJ ? On a cruise you can see dolphins and be prepared to see pods of dolphins and even several whales in their natural habitat, farther out. Lighthouse and history cruises are definitely camera worthy. The dinner and sunset cruises are more for romance.  When you are experiencing Cape May on a holiday weekend like 4th of July, definitely take a fireworks cruise!

During colonial times, Cape May was settled by whalers and fisherman because of the abundance of surf and ease of the catch. Fishing is also very common, from boating excursions to old fashioned off the dock fishing; you are very likely to hook a catch!  What’s even better, awesome in fact, is that sailing/cruise season is March through December. You can order tickets here at Cape May Resort SimplTix and get a 10% discount for all events by using promo code CAPEMAYRESORT, visit the whale watching site pick your event and save money this fall.

Find A Cape May NJ Day Spa and Salons

You are almost immediately a “new person” once you have had the experience of a spa treatment at a salon in Cape May  A new, fresh and beautiful feeling will definitely make going out on the town with your friends, family and/or spouse a completely enjoyable experience.  The purpose of going away, on a weekend getaway or vacation, is for a change of scenery, rest and relaxation, reunion…Sometimes traveling to your destination can be stressful in itself.  Upon arriving, after you check in and unpack, a relaxing spa treatment can really set the stage for the rest of your trip.  All of the anxiety from work and home is immediately erased once you treat yourself to a massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing, hair styling and/or facial… Find more information about local Cape May Day Spa's and service here at our Cape May Spa page.

Visit the Cape May Winery and Take a Tasting Tour

Southern New Jersey is plentiful in vineyards and this is especially true in Cape May County.  Most of the wineries allow you to picnic while enjoying their delicious wine on their property. Relaxing and catching up with a loved one or friend over a nice glass a wine and all the while you can say that you "heard it through the grapevine". If you are a wine connoisseur, you will want to leave with a few bottles. There are a lot of BYOB restaurants in Cape May that you can further enjoy your newly found vintage. If wine isn't your thing, Cape May has breweries, although not as many as there are wineries. Some breweries offer brewery tours and tastings year-round.  If you find that you really like one of the brews you are in luck. Many local Cape May restaurants carry these hand crafted beers on tap. You can search for more information on Cape May BYOB restaurants by visiting our BYOB Cape May directory here.

You have just read about only three fun things to do while in Cape May, NJ  Experience the majesty and beauty of this historical and fun beach town located at the southernmost point of New Jersey.  There is no shortage of ways to get around either:  walking, biking, carriage rides, trolley, cruises, driving.  There are so many wonderful ways to experience Cape May, NJ so start planning your long weekend getaway today!

To Learn more about Cape May events visit our event site here for local water sport and whale watching trips, or take a peek at our main site at

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