Tuesday, January 22, 2013

National Geographic Show to Feature Cape May

National Geographic Show to Feature Cape May

By Press Release
Ferry Heading to Cape May NJ from Lewes Delaware

CAPE MAY - The National Geographic Channel filmed an episode of “Diggers” in Cape May. The episode is going to air this coming Tuesday, Jan. 22.

In this episode, the “history recovery machines” visit Cape May, one of the earliest settlements in North America, trying to find the last bullet shot in the Revolutionary War. With their detectors in hand, they go after their sweet nectar, and soon the guys find a Canadian dollar coin, an Indian penny dating back to 1865 and a two-cent piece from 1864. As KG and Ringy are trying to place another piece into the puzzle of American history, they travel to Barnegat, N.J., where the final days of the Revolutionary War occurred. There, they both find fired roundballs that could belong to old British muskets. Will that finding be enough for the guys to prove that this is the site of the last skirmish of the Revolutionary War?

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