Monday, January 21, 2013

Does Chocolate Really Go With Wine?

Does Chocolate Really Go With Wine?

While there are plenty of wine tastings that include chocolate there are still some out there who feel that these two guilty pleasures do not pare well together.  Both chocolate and wine are well known for their health benefits, but to put them together it takes some knowledge of both to get a good combination. The natural sweetness of chocolate does not always go well with dry red wines while the bitter of dark chocolate should not be pared with sweet white wine.
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Popular parings for chocolate use red wines that have been fortified since these tend to step up and taste great even when served alongside sweet chocolates. When looking for an ideal combination for wine baskets that include chocolate an understanding of chocolate terms such as cacao can help find the perfect paring.

Of course some will never enjoy these two indulgences together, but for others the combination is one that is more intriguing than any involving cheese. To get started find a tasting in your area featuring top wineries and chocolatiers to try a variety of combinations at once to get a good staring point on paring these indulgences together.

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