Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reeds Beach Property Damage in NJ from Hurricane Sandy

I just picked up this linked article for the Cape May Blogger about Reeds Beach in Cape May Courthouse, please help if you can this area has been devastated from Hurricane Sandy.

content: By Deborah McGuire

REED'S BEACH -- Damage property in this tiny bay side community has been called "devastating" by local authorities as well as Coast Guard personnel,

According to Goshen Fire Chief Frank Svitak, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the back halves of approximately seven homes on South Beach Drive.

"One house, on North Beach Drive, was totally gone," said Svitak.

While some of the homes destroyed by the hurricane were vacation residences, several were occupied by year-round residents.
All had evacuated prior to Sandy's wrath striking their community.

"The bulkhead gave way and they just went," said Svitak of the homes.

Fire personnel along with the township's housing inspector and members of Atlantic City Electric stayed on site to assess damages. Svitak said those homes in danger of collapsing were condemned.

Power company workmen disconnected utilities from the condemned buildings. Svitak said officials feared live wires coming from the homes could cause electrocution or fire if the homes suddenly collapsed.

"This is really bad devastation," said the chief. He told how Coast Guard personnel making their way down the state's coastline assessing damages told him it was the worse damage from the storm they had seen.

After securing the site, residents were allowed to return to their now destroyed homes at 5 p.m. Oct. 30.

"Residents were kept out until necessary clean up was done,"Svitak.

Photos by Robert Newkirk

Please forward this to anyone that can help in Reeds Beach Cape May Courthouse.


  1. wow I can't even imagine being kicked out of my home like that. That is some horrible damage if the residents can't live there while it's being taken care of.

  2. As someone who used to flip houses for a living, I've worked with many fire and water damage repair professionals. That being said, I'm familiar with what even minor flooding can do to the integrity of a home's foundation. These recurring storms on the coastline, even minor ones, cost home-owners millions of dollars. It pays to be prepared and have something things like a sump pump and emergency plan for when flooding gets bad.