Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our thoughts & prayers are with you, NJ

Our thoughts & prayers are with you, NJ

Mommy Poppins

I am writing this from a friend's home in Weehawken after having evacuated our home in Hoboken. I know that many of you are in a similar position and some, much worse. All the Mommy Poppins family send their thoughts and prayers to our readers and our entire state. Obviously, there are very few venues that are even open this weekend, so we will not be posting our weekend events, but here is one of our most popular articles for stuck-in-the-house craziness, 99 Sensory Activities for Kids. For those who wanted to enter our Barefoot Books giveaway, we will extend the deadline to subscribe for another week. Please check our Facebook page for updates and we'll see you soon. You know we love you, NJ.

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