Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updates for Cape May from Cape May County Moms

Here are a few updates from Cape May County Moms for North Wildwood, Ocean City and Cape May Point. We suggest you go to their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/CapeMayCounty

  • Re-entry into Cape May County Barrier Islands will be announced as soon as possible. However, remember Cape May County remains under a State of Emergency and the mandatory evacuation for Barrier Islands remain in effect.
  • Effective 2 p.m., North Wildwood residents, property, and business owners are able to access the island via the North Wildwood Bridge.

  • A number of reports say that the Rio Grande Ave. bridge oGeorge Redding Bridge) are open to those who show proper ID, but we are waiting to confirm...

  • Ocean City no Go City just announced that nobody will be let back on the island today. They will announce more tomorrow morning.

  • POINT UPDATE FROM EXIT ZERO: A few of you are asking about the Point. The great news is, the dunes they put in place worked a treat. That magical little place was barely touched. Some lost power, but it is apparently back on in most places. And our favorite breakfast place of the moment, The Red Store, was undamaged.

  • Update: All is well in Cape May for the Stewarts and the Cape May Whale Watcher at the Miss Chris Marina. Minor storm damage, chaffed lines, record flooding. We are all safe and healthy. Looking forward to cleaning up!

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