Friday, October 26, 2012

Preparing For Hurricane Sandy in Cape May , Preparing Boats and Marinas

If your like us your boat is still in the water in Cape May to enjoy the fall weather. Any boat that is still in the water should be secured in a snug harbor. Don't even think of riding out a storm and taking the chance. A large storm surge is very common in Hurricanes and Hurricane Sandy will be hitting NJ during a full moon period with high tide.

Please take the time to remove your boat and properly store it on land or follow the Boat US Guide to securing your boat in a Hurricane. If you are looking for a free boat trailer ramp" Spicers Creek" is located behind Lucky Bones in Cape May, expect long waiting lines as the storm approaches Cape May. You can also pull your boat at Breezy Lee in Cape May, see the list of Cape May Marinas below.

Please click on the link here to view the Boat US Hurricane Preparation Guide 

You can click to download the Boat US guide here.

For a List of Marinas in Cape May please click here.

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