Saturday, October 27, 2012

In New Jersey, a state of emergency has been declared with barrier islands — from Sandy Hook south to Cape May — ordered to be evacuated by 4pm Sunday, Oct. 28.

As Hurricane Sandy, downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm with hurricane winds for a brief period, hits the southeastern coast of the U.S, the entire East Coast region is preparing for what could potentially be a devastating weather event.

The storm, which has killed several dozen people in the Caribbean, is expected to be a "storm of historic proportions" for the Mid-Atlantic region, including the New Jersey shore, New York City, Delaware, Pennsylvania and possibly Ohio.

In New Jersey, a state of emergency has been declared with barrier islands — from Sandy Hook south to Cape May — ordered to be evacuated by 4pm Sunday, Oct. 28.

The casinos in Atlantic City have also been ordered by Gov. Chris Christie to be evacuated by 4pm Sunday.

Christie declared the state of emergency Saturday morning warning that the storm could severely affect the Garden State, with conditions related to Sandy expected to be felt late Sunday and then be in "full force by Monday,"

"It's likely that Hurricane Sandy will make landfall late on Monday evening, bringing with it accumulated rain, high winds and shore erosion," Christie stated in a press conference.

"We should not underestimate the impact of this storm," he added.

Christie encouraged state residents to be prepared and not cynical about what the media has dubbed the "Frankenstorm," a hurricane that is expected to make last year's Irene tropical storm look like a drizzle.

By 7pm, (EST) Saturday evening, local reports indicated that Sandy would strike the Atlantic City region between 4am Monday morning and later that day, with its weather effects lasting through Tuesday. Power outtages, flooding, fallen trees and other storm-related damages are already being prepared for throughout the region.

A story on the NBC News site on Saturday afternoon included the tag line:

"People in the high impact zone from Virginia to Southern New England have one day left to make preparations," with NBC meteorologist Bill Karins calling for "serious and life-threatening weather conditions," as Hurricane Sandy headed north.

According to the article, "The National Hurricane Center briefly downgraded Sandy to a tropical storm early Saturday, but said hurricane-strength winds had been detected just a few hours later."

Karins predicts "considerable damage" due to storm surges, fresh-water flooding and strong winds Monday afternoon and evening.

"Serious and life-threatening weather conditions are expected from Outer Banks to New England," Karins said.

Sandy could effect the upcoming Presidential Election Nov. 6, with power outages and clean-up efforts due to Sandy expected to take from days to weeks in some areas.

Transportation in the U.S. Northeast will also be effected by Sandy with flights canceled, delayed and other modes of transportation shut down during the storm.

According to the report, Sandy has left the following deaths and damage in the Caribbean prior to moving north:

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