Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has picked up speed

Hurricane Sandy has picked up speed, and we are looking at a land fall around 6PM. Which is good news as High Tide is 8PM. This storm is 110 miles from the Jersey Shore

  • Widespread 50-60 mph gusts (locally 60+) are occurring now along the coast from NJ to the Boston area. Stay indoors
  • Here is the NOAA Summary attached in the this link
  • Hurricane sandy has significantly increased on forward speed. Landfall in 3 hours along the Jersey shore. Strong category 1 hurricane
Walkway to Docks washed away in Sea Isle City

Things to focus on regarding coastal flooding for the Atlantic Coast, lower Delaware Bay & Raritan Bay

• We are now completing our third high tide cycle with Hurricane Sandy.   This high tide cycle was very destructive with major to record coastal  flooding occurring.

• The next high tide cycle will be even worse along the Atlantic Coast where Sandy comes ashore as well as points further north.  The Atlantic Coast of New Jersey and the Raritan Bay will see even higher coastal flooding on this evening’s high tide, at record levels.  Any shift of the storm track further south will bring higher coastal flooding levels to the Atlantic Coast of Delaware and the Delaware Bay. 

• Dangerous wave action will combine with the coastal flooding. 12 to 20 foot breakers will occur in the surf zone for the remainder of today and into tonight.  

• The barrier islands will be cut off from the mainland.  Breaches in the barrier islands will likely occur during this evening’s high tide, as the center of Sandy approaches.  

• Water is the most life threatening aspect of this storm.  Hurricane Sandy is already the deadliest hurricane of the 2012 season.  Please respect its power and heed the advice of local and state officials 

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